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Clean Water for All: Our Artesian Well Project in the Amazon

Clean Water for All: Our Artesian Well Project in the Amazon

In the heart of the vibrant Amazon Rainforest, a symphony of life unfolds. A sprawling expanse of biodiversity, it's a world where every leaf, every creature, and every drop of water tells a story. But amidst this spectacle, the relentless march of of economic 'development' is casting a growing shadow, ruthlessly devouring everything in its path. Encroachment from cattle farming, mining, and logging is causing untold damage to this priceless ecosystem, with devastating impacts on the indigenous peoples who call it home.

At the heart of this vast expanse, cradled by the murmuring Tarauacá River, lies the Ni Yuxibu village

Ni Yuxibu Village in the state of Acre Brazil: home the Huni Kuin Indigenous People

However, the once life-sustaining river, an emblem of prosperity, has turned into a symbol of despair. Industrial pollutants and brown water have rendered the river unfit for human consumption. During our visit to the village in February of 2023, we found that half the children in the village were grappling with chronic diarrhea, a haunting testament to the water crisis.

Tarauca River in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

Back in 2013, the first non-native intervention led to a modest, 3-meter deep well—a kilometer away from the village and the only source of potable water. But this meager supply succumbs to the unyielding summer heat, going completely dry, plunging the villagers into a perpetual battle against thirst and potential disease. For the women, this situation is particularly grim. Their daily chore of lugging heavy pots of contaminated water back home is a cruel test of endurance, and a dangerous flirtation with disease.

Huni Kuin Women gathering water from the polluted river in the Amazon Rainforest

However, in the struggles of their water plight, a glimmer of hope twinkled on the horizon—the dream of an artesian well. A veritable miracle of nature, an artesian well could potentially spell an end to Ni Yuxibu's water woes.

Like a bountiful natural fountain, an artesian well taps into the pressure of subterranean water reserves to propel it to the surface, offering a self-replenishing source of clean water. It is the Earth's own way of filtering water, heralding an end to days marred by hardship and illness.

Turning this hopeful vision into a tangible reality demanded expertise. This is where a company skilled in constructing Amazon Wells stepped in. They were driven by their commitment to drill, install a solar pump, and establish the necessary framework for a reliable water supply. This endeavor isn't merely a project—it's a shining beacon of hope, a promise of health, joy, and an enriched life for the Huni Kuin.

R$ 30,000 ($6,300) has already been raised for the project with Amazonian SkinFood contributing $3,100. This money has been invested in buying materials and hiring labor to carry out the construction of the artisan wells. As we speak, construction has already begun in the community. The whole structure will ensure the well is drilled and will guarantee potable water flows to the reservoirs.

Phase 2 / Our challenge

Now, we need to raise funds for the implementation phase, involving the installation of the pipe system that will traverse the village, reaching every resident's home. For this phase of the challenge, we need:

R$ 15,000 ($3,140)

With this investment, all residents will have guaranteed access to potable water, radically transforming everyday life in the village.

This initiative reaches far beyond the act of drilling a well—it's about paying tribute to the enduring spirit of Ni Yuxibu, and bolstering the Huni Kuin people on their journey towards a sustainable future. Your contribution doesn't just guarantee a family's access to clean water; it serves to safeguard a lifestyle that has coexisted harmoniously with nature for centuries.

This endeavor transcends geographical boundaries and cultural divides. It's a clarion call for collective action, an invitation for you to become an integral part of the Huni Kuin's voyage towards a more promising future. United, we have the power to stem the tide, to be the change we aspire to see in the world, one drop at a time.

With every purchase of an Amazonian SkinFood product, you contribute to the greater mission of preserving and protecting the Amazon Rainforest and its inhabitants. 10%of our profits are directed towards projects in the Amazon Rainforest, including this water well project.

Water Well equipment arriving in the Amazon Rainforest by boat

If you feel a deeper call to contribute, and wish to donate directly to this cause, please get in touch with us at We will provide further details on how you can directly contribute to this transformative project. Your act of giving can make a world of difference.

Together, let's turn the dream of clean water for Ni Yuxibu into a reality!