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My Journey: From a Poor Kid in Brazil to an Entrepreneur in the USA

My Journey: From a Poor Kid in Brazil to an Entrepreneur in the USA

My name is Rose Correa, and I am the founder of Amazonian SkinFood. My journey from my humble beginnings in a small village in the south of  Brazil, to writing this grant application to you as an entrepreneur in the United States, is a testament to the power of resilience and dreams.

Growing up with my godmother, our home wasn't rich in things or money, but our backyard was a treasure trove – full of plants, herbs, and fruits. It was like nature's own medicine cabinet. Those early years, learning to use what the earth gave us, weren't just about getting by; looking back, they planted the first seed for what would eventually bloom into Amazonian SkinFood.

The story of our business is deeply personal. It's a narrative that intertwines my past with the present, my heritage with our mission. Fast forward to 2019 in San Francisco. That’s when I met my now-husband Shane Lindner from CT during a social project we were both volunteering on, feeding the homeless. As different as our worlds seemed, our souls mirrored a common vision and purpose. Our passion grew, both for each other and for creating a meaningful impact. I often spoke to him about my skin sensitivities, and how mainstream products were filled with toxic ingredients that were actually harmful to the skin and never resonated with my essence. Sharing stories of my godmother's remedies and the rich biodiversity of the Amazon, we dreamt of building a business with purpose, one that would blend our love, ancestral wisdom, and a commitment to the environment. Amazonian SkinFood was not just born; it was lovingly crafted.

Shane and I began an intensive research phase, immersing ourselves in everything we could learn about the Amazon's ingredients, the injustices facing the region, and how we could create something that benefits both people and planet. We delved into the unparalleled properties of exotic Amazonian Superfoods like Passion Fruit, Sacha Inchi, Cacay, Ucuuba, Acai, and Buriti. Every ingredient we selected was a tribute to the Amazon, ensuring that it not only enhances beauty but also respects and conserves the environment.

Amazon Rainforest Botanicals

But our aspirations stretch beyond the realm of beauty. We are motivated by a profound desire to give back, to create a regenerative business model that replenishes the very source of our inspiration—the Amazon Rainforest. Our commitment is to foster a sustainable rainforest economy, to protect its biodiversity, and to uplift the lives of indigenous communities.

The journey has been difficult, marked by moments of doubt, but our resolve has only been strengthened by the challenges. Our commitment to the Amazon and its indigenous people is pushes us forward. We give back 10% of our profits to projects that uplift these communities. We are deeply invested in the welfare and future of the people we support. This was made even more evident during our first trip to the Amazon Rainforest in February, where we celebrated the opening of a school we helped fund along with 24 other organizations—a project close to our hearts.

Amazonian SkinFood Founders at a school in the Amazon Rainforest

While there, we witnessed firsthand the pressing need for clean drinking water, and it has become our latest initiative to raise funds for an artisan well for 250 Huni Kuin Indigenous people. This is not just about providing resources; it's about building relationships, understanding needs, and taking action to create sustainable solutions.

Today, as I look back and reminisce about my godmother's backyard, I feel immense gratitude. It was there, among the herbs and fruits, where my journey truly began. Our vision with Amazonian SkinFood is simple – to radiate the love we've found, to share the wisdom we've gathered, and to craft a better, more sustainable future for our world. Together, with every individual who believes in us and our mission, we hope to create ripples of change that echo through time.

 Rose with Indigenous Huni Kuin Woman in Amazon Rainforest