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An Unforgettable journey to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

An Unforgettable journey to the heart of the Amazon Rainforest

In February of 2023 we had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Amazon Rainforest and visit the Ni Yuxibu village to celebrate the opening of the school we helped fund earlier this year. 

Embarking on a journey to the Amazon Rainforest was a transformative, life-altering adventure that left an indelible mark on our souls. Reaching this remote and mystical destination was no easy feat – it took three full days of travel, multiple plane rides, including a tiny four-person aircraft, a 12-hour van ride through the roughest roads imaginable, and finally, an hour-long boat ride down the river to reach the secluded Huni Kuin village in Brazil on the border with Peru, deep in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

Upon arrival, we were given a place to stay with a Huni Kuin family on the third floor of an old wooden house, accessed by ladders instead of stairs – a precarious climb, especially in the middle of the night. Life in the village was a world away from what we were accustomed to; with no furniture, kitchen supplies, internet and, until recently, no electricity. The daily lives of the locals were a humbling experience; witnessing their struggles with no access to clean drinking water, many homes falling apart, and their limited diets, primarily consisting of bananas, peanuts, corn, and cassava. Yet, despite the hardships, the Huni Kuin people's warmth, kindness, and vibrant culture were a breathtaking sight to behold.

Life in the Huni Kuin Village in the Amazon Rainforest

The simplicity of their lives, their profound connection to nature, and their reverence for ancient traditions made our hearts swell with admiration and awe. From the mesmerizing music, intricate art, and forest medicines, to the sacred ceremonies and the daily celebration of life, their way of living was a poignant reminder of the beauty that lies within our shared humanity.

Life with the Huni Kuin Indigenous People of the Amazon Rainforest

As the days unfolded, we fully embraced their way of life, sleeping in hammocks, bathing in the cold river, collecting plant medicines deep in the forest, singing and chanting with the community, being painted with intricate Huni Kuin designs and walking barefoot, grounded and connected to the earth. The love and compassion that flowed between us transcended any cultural barriers, creating an infinite and boundless connection that we will forever cherish. A part of us felt like we’d  been there before, a sense of belonging, a feeling of being home. 

This unforgettable journey ignited a fiery passion within us and a clear mission: to leverage our resources and business to support the indigenous people of the Amazon and preserve the Rainforest. This experience was invaluable in deepening our understanding of the challenges faced by indigenous communities and identifying ways we can make a positive impact in their lives for years to come. By immersing ourselves in their world, we're better equipped to tailor our projects to their unique needs and aspirations.

At Amazonian SkinFood, we're revolutionizing skincare with a purpose – crafting nourishing products from nature's bounty while nurturing the rainforest and its people. Our passion for conservation doesn't stop at sustainable ingredients; we're all about creating a circular economy that gives back to the Amazon. That's why we donate 10% of our profits to projects that directly uplift indigenous communities.

The new Huni Kuin School that Amazonian SkinFood helped to fund

Last Year's Success: Building a School

In the past year, we successfully raised $4,000 USD (R$20,000) to help build a school in the Amazon Rainforest.

Now operational, this indigenous school is:

  • Educating over 60 students
  • Teaching their native Huni Kuin Language, Portuguese, English, and Math
  • Preserving Huni Kuin traditions for the next generation

This Year's Mission: Water Well Project- Clean Water for All

We came back with the mission to raising funds to build an artesian water well for the Ni Yuxibu community. That's the only way we will guarantee access to clean, high-quality water for every household, empowering the community to overcome numerous obstacles and fostering a brighter future. We have already donated $5,600 towards this project, and have reached our goal to buy all the materials.

This vital initiative will:

  • Provide clean, safe drinking water for 200 residents
  • Elevate living standards and transform lives
  • Empower the community to overcome obstacles


As we continue on this mission to make a meaningful impact, the enchanting beauty and unforgettable experiences of the Amazon Rainforest will forever inspire us, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with all of you.

The forest's message to us:

Let us revel in the magic of existence, creating, dancing, and playing in the cosmic sandbox of life. We must nurture a generous spirit, give freely of ourselves, and cherish love above all else. For in truth, we are all interconnected, woven together in the intricate tapestry of humanity. As one, we must cultivate kindness, compassion, and empathy, dispelling judgement from our hearts. Embrace the unique symphony of your soul, walk the path that resonates with your truth, and act always from a place of loving-kindness. In doing so, you will find your life blossoming into a radiant garden of bliss.

Let us shed the shackles of societal expectations and the judgments of others, for they only serve to dim the light within. Instead, let us unfurl our wings and soar, true to our essence, and united in our purpose.

Together, we can spread love and joy, illuminating the world with the boundless beauty of our collective spirit.

Much Love and Haux Haux! 

Rose & Shane