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Amazonian SkinFood Wins Big with Hello Alice Small Business Growth Fund Grant!

Amazonian SkinFood Wins Big with Hello Alice Small Business Growth Fund Grant!

We are beyond thrilled to share with you that Amazonian SkinFood has been chosen as a grant recipient through the Small Business Growth Fund. This outstanding initiative is spearheaded by HelloAlice, in collaboration with GenHQ, and generously supported by Etsy and Progressive.

Hello Alice

Hello Alice conveyed, "Among thousands of applications evaluated by the program judges, your business stood out, and we are thrilled to provide our support to Amazonian SkinFood!"

Such words have deeply touched and motivated us, serving as a powerful testament to our vision and unwavering dedication.

The Small Business Growth Fund is not just a grant program. It's a lifeline for small businesses like ours. Through its emphasis on businesses with clear growth plans and unwavering commitments to their customers and communities, we saw our own reflection in the ethos and values they uphold. Being acknowledged by such an esteemed platform is both a monumental honor and a significant push forward in our journey.

We often reflect on our aspirations for Amazonian SkinFood, and this grant amplifies those dreams.

Amazonian SkinFood Founders win Small Business Growth Grant

"Being chosen for the Hello Alice growth fund isn't merely about the financial aid; it's an affirmation of our mission at Amazonian SkinFood. This grant fuels our aspiration to intertwine ancestral wisdom from the Amazon with today's cutting-edge beauty practices. With these funds, we are geared up to expand our operations, refine our holistic beauty offerings, and solidify our bond with the Amazon Rainforest communities. At its heart, Amazonian SkinFood is about meaningful growth, undertaken with genuine passion, authenticity, and responsibility." -Rose and Shane

Amazonian SkinFood in the Amazon Rainforest with Huni Kuin Indigenous People

This milestone isn't just ours; it's shared with every supporter, customer, and individual who has placed their faith in Amazonian SkinFood. As we channel these funds into the progression of our mission, we remain committed to blending ancient Amazonian secrets with innovative beauty solutions, always emphasizing sustainability, responsibility, and authenticity.

A heartfelt thank you to #HelloAlice, #Etsy, #Progressive, and #GenGlobal for placing trust in our vision and playing a pivotal role in our next growth chapter. Here's to a radiant future, brimming with discoveries and achievements!

 Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exhilarating phase of our journey!


Rose and Shane