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Pioneering Sustainable Cosmetics with Amazonian Ingredients

Pioneering Sustainable Cosmetics with Amazonian Ingredients

Amazonian SkinFood is an innovative Brazilian cosmetics company operating in the United States. They create an impressive range of products with ingredients sourced directly from the Amazon forest. What sets them apart is their focus on promoting lesser-explored supply chains and working directly with traditional communities, creating sustainable practices that add value and open opportunities for these communities. Their inclusion in the Sinergia Program of the Amazon Journey has empowered them to connect with the market and attract investors, propelling their reach.

Creating Sustainable Cosmetics with Amazonian Plants

Amazonian SkinFood is a unique biocosmetic brand that uses a variety of Amazonian forest ingredients to create clean, vegan cosmetics. These products are notably free from the chemical additives typically found in the beauty industry, focusing instead on natural, plant-derived ingredients.

Established at the end of 2021, the brand has already launched two key products in the United States: a hydrating facial cream and a replenishing facial oil. A third product is currently in the development phase. These items are the cornerstone of their basic beauty line, designed to cover the essential skincare steps: cleansing, hydrating, toning, and treating the skin.

Founders Skincare Brand Sustainable

The Amazonian SkinFood Philosophy

Rose Correa, one of the co-founders, believes in the concept of reduced consumption and the need for fewer products in daily skincare routines. Rose says, "Women don't have much time for routines of seven or even ten steps. So, we aim to make highly functional formulas that serve more than one purpose and reduce this consumption."

To achieve this, they focus on creating highly concentrated products. For instance, their facial oil contains 100% Amazonian fruits, with no added fillers or dilutions. This results in products that last longer, promote conscious consumption, and offer uncompromised quality.

The Journey of Amazonian SkinFood

The creation of Amazonian SkinFood stemmed from Rose's personal struggle with allergies to conventional beauty products. This prompted a search for cleaner, more natural alternatives. Coupled with her concern for the Amazon and its indigenous communities, it led to the creation of a business that has a significant socio-environmental impact.

Amazonian SkinFood and New Production Chains

To create their products, Amazonian SkinFood sources ingredients from lesser-explored supply chains in the region. These chains often originate from communities that already utilize their local resources. To further their support, the company gives back 10% of its profits to help these communities develop and create new production chains.

Giving Back to the Community

Amazonian SkinFood goes beyond conservation efforts. They also financially supported the construction of an indigenous school, which now serves 60 children. Here, the children learn about their culture, language, and community traditions, alongside traditional subjects like Portuguese and Mathematics. The curriculum also includes essential modern skills like finance and recycling.

Indigenous School Social Impact