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Social Impact:
10% to the Rainforest

Transforming Lives and Empowering Communities

At Amazonian SkinFood, we passionately believe in the power of community and our unwavering dedication to making a significant, positive impact within the Amazon Rainforest. Our social impact initiatives extend far beyond providing high-quality skincare products; they are focused on fostering a sustainable rainforest economy, transforming lives, and inspiring indigenous communities to envision and achieve a brighter future.

We recognize that the struggle of indigenous people is a collective responsibility, and we are committed to contributing in every way we can. To honor this commitment, we devote 10% of our profits to support various projects in the Amazon Rainforest that uplift indigenous communities. We believe that focusing our resources on one specific village right now will yield the most meaningful benefits. As we grow, we intend to expand our reach and support numerous other incredible initiatives throughout the Amazon. Our greatest motivation lies in cultivating a culture of forest preservation, strengthening ancestral traditions, and promoting the socio-economic autonomy of the indigenous people.

Together, we can create a meaningful impact and transform the lives of the Ni Yuxibu community. Ni Yuxibu is a Huni Kuin village led by the spiritual leader Txana Ixan and it’s located on the banks of the TarauacΓ‘ River - state of Acre - in the middle of the Amazon Forest and covers a protected area of legal Amazon (15,000 Hectares)

By supporting Amazonian SkinFood and our products, you're contributing to a brighter future for these families. Every purchase makes a difference.

A Journey to Remember: Celebrating Progress and Building Connections

In February of 2023 we had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Amazon Rainforest and visit the Ni Yuxibu village to celebrate the opening of the school we helped fund. This unforgettable journey allowed us to:

  • πŸŽ‰ Witness firsthand the impact of our efforts on the community
  • 🀝 Connect with the villagers and learn about their lives and needs
  • 🌿 Explore the rich biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest

This experience was invaluable in deepening our understanding of the challenges faced by indigenous communities and identifying ways we can make a positive impact in their lives for years to come. By immersing ourselves in their world, we're better equipped to tailor our projects to their unique needs and aspirations.

Last Year's Success: Building a School

In the past year, we successfully raised $4,000 USD (R$20,000) to help build a school in the Amazon Rainforest.

Now operational, this school is:
🏫 Educating over 60 students
πŸ“š Teaching Portuguese, English, and Math
🌱 Preserving Huni Kuin traditions for the next generation

πŸ™πŸΎ With our contribution and the donation of dozens of people and organizations, in 2022 an important step was taken for the development of the Ni Yuxibu village community and for the strengthening of the Huni Kuin legacy for humanity: The first stage of the implementation of the Keneya School was completed.

This Year's Mission: Clean Water for All

Our next project is an ambitious one: raising funds to build an artesian water well for the Ni Yuxibu community. By constructing an artesian water well, we will guarantee access to clean, high-quality water for every household, empowering the community to overcome numerous obstacles and fostering a brighter futur. We have already donated $2,000 USD ($R10.000) towards this project, but we still have a ways to go.

The well will be built by a company that operates in the region with vast experience in Amazon Wells., They will cover the drilling, the solar pump kit, the installation of the tower, and all the logistics.

The current well - only goes 3 meters down, causing it to dry up quickly, and during summer months it goes completely dry. They go back to drink polluted river water. Due to not having drinking water, the quality of life has dropped. During our last visit, it was reported that 50% of the kids have chronic diarrhea

This vital initiative will:
πŸ’§ Provide clean, safe drinking water for 200 residents
🏑 Elevate living standards and transform lives

πŸ’ͺ Empower the community to overcome obstacles

Next Year's Vision: Sustainable Protein for a Healthier Community

As we look forward to next year, Amazonian SkinFood is excited to announce our upcoming project aimed at enhancing the nutritional well-being of the Ni Yuxibu community. Addressing the current lack of protein in their diets, we're committed to providing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution: community fish tanks.

Currently, the community relies heavily on bananas, peanuts, corn, and cassava as staple foods. By introducing fish farming, we can support a more balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle.

Fish farm tanks can bring numerous benefits to indigenous communities in the Amazon Rainforest:

🐟 Introduce a reliable source of protein into their diets
🌱 Promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming practices
πŸ’ͺ Improve overall health and well-being for the Ni Yuxibu residents
🏑  Create income-generating opportunities for community members

A Vision for the Future: Expanding Our Reach

As Amazonian SkinFood continues to grow, we are more determined than ever to extend our reach and support to even more villages and communities within the Amazon Rainforest. We're excited to see the ripple effect of our initiatives and believe that, with your help, we can make a lasting difference.

🌟 Join us as we embark on our mission to uplift, empower, and transform the lives of those in the Amazon Rainforest communities. 🌟

We invite individuals, organizations, and companies to join our efforts in creating a sustainable future for Brazil. By collaborating with Amazonian SkinFood, you can help support projects that make a difference in the areas of environmental conservation, education, community empowerment, and renewable energy.

Donate: Your support is vital to the success of our projects. We welcome donations of any amount to help fund our initiatives and make a lasting impact on the environment and local communities.

Contact Us: Get in touch with us to learn more about our projects, get involved, or share your ideas for a better world. You can reach us through our contact form or find us on social media