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Buriti, The Tree of Life

Buriti, The Tree of Life

With all its biodiversity, Brazil has been gradually introducing new superfoods to the World. Meet Buriti, an Amazonian Superfood that comes from the fruit of a species of coconut in the Amazon. Known as "The Tree of Life" in Brazil, Buriti has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin A among fruits and vegetables and and known to be the richest natural source of beta-carotene (30 mg/ 100gr of pulp), exceeding five times that of a carrot.


The Buriti Oil or Aguaje Oil used in our Superfruit Facial Oil is raw, cold-pressed from the Mauritia flexuosa tree, also known as the Moriche Palm, which grows in central Brazil and low elevation areas of southern Amazonia. The Buriti tree looks like most palm trees and grows to be around 115 ft high. Natives know it as the tree of life because of its calming, soothing, and rejuvenating properties. 


One of the significant benefits of the Buriti Tree is that there is currently no commercial planting in Brazil, so most are wild-harvested and produced by small farmers. Everything is used, from the leaf and pulp, to extract the oil and barks, making Buriti one of the most sustainable plants from the Amazon Rainforest. Doctoral research by the Institute of Biology in Brazil (IB) on this plant showed that it is possible for rural communities that extract its fruit to reconcile income generation and, at the same time, preserve the conservation of the species. The work's author, forestry engineer Maurício Bonesso Sampaio, showed a lower impact of this extraction than in other activities that harm the environment, such as deforestation.


Even if we extract 70% of the fruit from the tree, the impact will not have been too much. "During extraction, the harvester only removes the pulp and fruit. As the seeds remain intact, if they are returned to the marsh by the harvester, the Buriti palm populations will follow their normal course", he informs. 


Buriti extraction is a more sustainable economic alternative than other forms of land use. Many families manage to obtain a monthly income of up to $2,000 only with the sale of products, remembering that the harvest lasts three or four months, which is the duration of the crop. 


The sustainability of Buriti is the key to maintaining flora and fauna.


In addition to generating income, Buriti helps maintain the quantity and quality of water in the paths. Water is essential for people who live close to the areas and even for people who live far away in cities. But it's not just for people that Buriti is essential.


Many animals depend on this plant. Some macaws make their nests in the stalks of dead Buriti trees. Many animals feed on Buriti fruits and rely on this palm to survive, such as the deer, the collared peccary, the tortoise, the maned wolf, monkeys, many macaws, and parrots. During the harvest, Buriti fruits are one of the most consumed foods by tapir and peccary.


The harvest of Buriti fruits needs to be well planned and carried out under some management rules so that the yield isn't over-harvested and the source of income never ends for the local farmers.


Only ripe fruits should be picked, preferably from the marsh floor. Cutting the bunches off the tree is less efficient than picking the fruit from the ground. As most animals feed on ripe fruits, if too many bunches are taken, the animals will have nothing to eat. If the fruits are harvested from the ground, the animals will have food. The macaws, for example, eat the ripe fruit in the tree before they fall. Other animals can feed on the ripe fruit fallen on the ground before the collectors harvest them.


Now let's tell you what's inside this beautiful the collectors harvest them unique for our skin.


Nutrition & Elasticity


Buriti is the richest source of natural beta-carotene (Vitamin A), containing five times more beta-carotene than Carrots. When you topically apply Vitamin A to the skin, it transforms into an active vitamin called Retinol. This nutrient can boost collagen production and cell turnover, neutralize pollution-free radicals and fade dark spots. 


Buriti oil contains 65% oleic acid. This fatty acid is responsible for the smoothness of the skin. It nourishes and promotes intense lubrication, which allows the skin to become more supple and healthy.


Ideal in cases of dehydrated skin, with cracks, or skin that has suffered sunburn or dryness. Buriti also prevents the appearance of stretch marks in pregnant women due to the elasticity it promotes to the skin.




This oil also has the characteristic of moisturizing the skin. It forms a kind of protective layer, which prevents the skin from losing water, keeping it moisturized and healthy. This function is made possible mainly by the action of the palmitic fatty acid, which, due to its intrinsic characteristics, is not as easily absorbed as the other components of the oil and is deposited on the skin, forming this protective film.


However, due to the balance of this fatty acid in the oil composition, the film formed is thin, delicate, does not leave the skin with a very greasy appearance, and does not obstruct the pores too much, as is common in more moisturizing oils.


The palmitic acid present in Buriti vegetable oil still relieves chronic pain, muscle tension, and research shows positive results in treating certain tumors, ulcers, inflammation, and allergies


Antioxidant Protection


The intense color of Buriti vegetable oil is already an indication that it has carotenoids in its composition. This structure protects the skin and hair from harmful effects of sunlight, such as the action of ultraviolet rays. Carotenoids also fight free radicals, which are responsible for premature aging. 


Buriti oil is a crucial ingredient in our Superfruit Facial Oil. Here's Why we love Buriti!


⤕ The World's richest natural source of Beta-Carotene,

a natural antioxidant (even more than carrots)

⤕ Rich in vitamin A, a plant-based alternative to Retinol.

⤕ Used to moisturize, nourish and soothe cracked, dry and mature skin

⤕ It helps in lightening dark spots caused by sun exposure.

⤕ Protects the skin against photo-damage

⤕ Anti-inflammatory properties help combat skin conditions such as redness, rashes, sensitive skin, and irritation.