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What's Sustainable Skincare means in 2022?

What's Sustainable Skincare means in 2022?

When it comes to personal care products, many are unaware of the synthetic chemicals we’re putting on our skin. The ugly truth is that not all ingredients are safe. Some are slowly poisoning our bodies, speeding up the aging process and causing more harm than good to our health and the environment. We need real alternatives that save our planet and ensure we can live in dignity.

Luckily, consumers are are becoming more aware of this, changing their habits, and how they assess the environmental and social impact of their purchasing choices. They want to know what is in their products, where the ingredients come from, and how the products help to solve issues that they care about it.  We want to show consumers that aligning their skincare routine with their conscious lifestyle habits is possible.

The opportunity for genuine, sustainable trade is crucial to fight deforestation in the Amazon and addressing the current climate crisis. The environmental challenges are already impacting communities and endangering the sustainability of the livelihoods of producers. Yes, we are all affected, but the Indigenous communities that are the least responsible for the climate problem suffer the most. Our mission is to create a responsible supply chain and sustainable economy in the Amazon Rainforest. One that moves away from the destruction and rampant extraction of forest resources caused by cattle farming, mining, and logging to one that uses renewable resources and non-timber forest products that produce economic value while keeping the forest standing.

We help by supporting fair trade in a sustainable supply chain: Our suppliers work closely with local communities and co-ops that provide training to ensure that ethical agroforestry forest management practices are in place. This leads to job opportunities that economically support the traditional peoples of the Amazon like Quilombolas, River Side and Indigenous Communities. We also formulate prioritising wild-harvest ingredients so that more families can be involved.

Our sustainability efforts don't stop there; we donate 10% of our net profits to Projects in the Amazon Rainforest.

Our products allow customers to feel part of something bigger than skincare and beauty, supporting a mission to preserve and protect one of the most biodiverse parts of the world. Amazonian SkinFood™ serves ecologically focused customers who envision a world that improves the lives of traditional peoples, animals, and our forests for future generations.

Each time customers purchase an Amazonian SkinFood product; they can feel good knowing they are doing something good for the planet while nourishing their skin with the most nutritious superfoods.

If we can show the beauty industry that we can be successful while also helping the people and the planet, everybody wins.

Much Love from our family to you!


Picture Credit: Lovely @dejoeyann, Judge of the 2022 Certiclean Clean Beauty Awards