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Indigenous Man collecting Brazil Nut in the Amazon Rainforest

Origens Brasil® network

We are reaching a major paradigm shift in society with a collective awakening that calls to get rid of old models and open space for a better world to come. A more balanced world where who makes profits are not only the ones at the top of sky-scrapers.

By shifting the economy from the rampant extraction of precious forest resources and exploitation of human labor to a sustainable approach, this ideal world will occur organically. It all starts with the vision and the courage to make it real.

Amazonian SkinFood™ is a proud member of the Origens Brasil® network, a network formed by indigenous peoples, traditional populations, support institutions and companies, which works for the conservation of the Amazon, generating value for the standing forest and for the people who live on it.

As part of the network, Amazonian SkinFood™ contributes to the valorization of indigenous peoples and traditional populations in the Amazon that contribute to the conservation of 53 million hectares of standing forest within the protected areas in which the Origens Brasil® network operates.

Through ethical business relationships, with transparency and traceability, the Origens Brasil® network promotes sustainable businesses that contribute to the conservation of the Amazon - the largest tropical forest on the planet - and its guardians.

You help protect the Amazon, support sustainable harvest practices and give back to the family farmers every single time you purchase a product with Origens Brasil seal and track. We all need to support projects like these by voting with our dollar. As a consumer, we have the power to look beyond the label and know more about the businesses and ingredients we buy from and where our money goes. 

Times are hard indeed but, learning from the indigenous people that know very well how to live in harmony with nature and community, we at Amazonian Skinfood still believe that together with initiatives like Origens Brasil, we can pave the way for a better, more sustainable world that benefits people and planet.

What is the Origens Brasil® network?

Origens Brasil® is a network that connects companies to sustainable production chains in priority conservation areas in the Amazon, generating value for indigenous peoples and traditional populations that live in the forest - the true guardians of our socio-environmental heritage. The Origens Brasil® network, conceived by the Instituto Socioambiental (ISA) and Imaflora, enables business in favor of the standing forest with a guarantee of origin, traceability, transparency and promoting ethical trade. Watch their full video here.

What are Territories of Social and Environmental Diversity?

For the Origens Brasil® network, Territories of Socio-environmental Diversity are great sets of protected areas, where traditional populations and indigenous peoples live contribute to the conservation of biodiversity with their way of life. Within these territories, there are environmental, cultural, and social patrimonies that provide services that benefit not only Brazil but the entire planet. The Origens Brasil® network is currently operating in protected areas in five Territories of Social and Environmental Diversity in the Amazon: Xingu, Calha Norte, Rio Negro, Solimões and Tupi Guaporé. 

Areas in the Amazon Rainforest Origens Brazil network operates

Origens Brasil® network operates in 38 protected areas in the Amazon within 53 million hectares of preserved Forest, an area larger than that of Spain.



How many producers of traditional populations and indigenous peoples are part of the Origens Brasil® network in 2021?

1945 registered producers from 43 Indigenous peoples and Traditional populations.

How many support institutions and community organizations are part of the network in 2021?

61 community organizations and support institutions.

Origens Brasil® network means more income, increased quality of life and appreciation of culture, so indigenous peoples and traditional populations remain in their territories, conserving the forest with their way of life.

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Watch video to understand better the project:

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📸 Picture credits:

1. Top Image, Man wild-harvesting Brazil Nuts in the Amazon Rainforest by Aloyana Lemos for Origens Brasil®.

2. Products from the Forest by Loiro Cunha for Origens Brasil®.