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We need your help! Donate to the Keneya School

We need your help to build the second phase of the Keneya School

 🙏🏾With the donation of dozens of people and organizations, in 2022 an important step was taken for the development of the Ni Yuxibu village community and for the strengthening of the Huni Kuin legacy for humanity: The first stage of the implementation of the Keneya School was completed.

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Donations for Indigenous People from the Amazon

🌿This initial investment made it possible to build the school's main house. But this was only the first move - one of the pillars for the flourishing of a pedagogical project capable of embracing and supporting the development of the full human, ecological, and social potential of the Huni Kuin culture.





🌿The second phase is going to support Investments in lighting, electricity, plumbing, furniture, and teaching materials that are necessary in order to adapt the main house to receive the children and enable their full development. 

🌱It is also necessary to equip the school kitchen and provide resources so that food is guaranteed in a comprehensive way, helping to provide more food security for the children.

So it’s a calling to Invest in the present of the forest’s future.

Donate any amount now.

The struggle of indigenous people belongs to all of us and we want to contribute in every way we can. 10% of our profits are destined to support the Ni Shunpin and their various projects like Keneya school, Ni Yuxibu sanctuary, and other basic needs from the Huni Kuin Community of Altamira Village like water, food soveireignty, solar energy.

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