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We made our TV debut on Earth Day and we couldn't be more proud

We made our TV debut on Earth Day and we couldn't be more proud

This is a pretty awesome moment for Amazonian SkinFood.  We were recently featured on TV in LA for an earth day segment about sustainable beauty brands making a positive impact in the world. We are so proud to see the ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest reach a broader audience and give consumers the opportunity to change their buying habits to more conscious and ethical options. In fact,  a recent study cited 57% of consumers are willing to change their purchasing habits to reduce their negative environmental impact.

This TV spot would have never happened without the help of one of our partners and friends, Robin Doyle from She deserves all the credit and we can’t thank her enough for this amazing opportunity for our brand.  If you're new to Clean beauty, is an ethical beauty e-commerce site dedicated to strictly fair trade, sustainably sourced, green beauty products. If you purchase products on her website, you can rest assured that it's safe and suitable for your skin and good for the planet. These products all impact you, protect animals, forests, oceans and advance the actual people involved in harvesting and manufacturing the ingredients.

The Earth Day segment featured Stacy Cox, a nationally regarded beauty, fashion and lifestyle correspondent that’s been featured on The View, Dr. OZ, Marie, E! News and Access Hollywood. Here’s what she has to say about our products. 

“Their Sacha Inchi Face cream is a deep dive into transforming dull complexion into something I’d refer to as next level - I’ve been an esthetician for 23 years and this is the real deal.”

Sustainable, clean beauty straight from the rainforest! This face cream not only serves as sustainable eye candy, BUT also up levels the moisture content in your face and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Amazonian SkinFood harvests ingredients sustainably, which helps regenerate the Amazon Rainforest ecosystem in Brazil. By using socially responsible practices, they reverse climate change, protect the forest, and combat poverty and inequality. Formulated with a unique blend of Amazonia’s most nutrient-dense superfoods: Sacha Inchi, Cacay oil, Green Coffee Oil, Acai and Ucuuba butter, you end up with a creamy dream for your skin.

Their Sacha Inchi Moisturizer is a vegan facial cream that rehydrates dry, sensitive skin and reduces signs of aging in mature skin. You’ll enjoy silkier, softer skin from your very first use.

How It Works - Natural Peptides and  offer clinically proven results, delivering 72 hours of deep hydration that will reveal clearer and smoother skin.

I never imagined a tiny idea my husband and I started discussing during a road trip from CA to CT would eventually manifest into this. Our original plan was to launch our brand on Earth Day in San Francisco in 2020. For obvious reasons that didn't work out. Now two years later, we have our first televised debut on Earth Day and that feels quite fitting. What a long strange, beautiful trip it's been! #earthday