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Beautyologie is the first of its kind fair trade and ethically sourced online beauty marketplace

Beautyologie is the first of its kind fair trade and ethically sourced online beauty marketplace

We are so happy to announce that our products are now available on, an e-Commerce platform that focuses on ethical and fair trade beauty brands from all over the world.

Beautyologie is a one-stop-shop for fair trade & ethically sourced beauty brands and for consumers who want skincare and cosmetics that make a difference, not just for your skin, but for the planet too.

Beautyologie motivate consumers to make ethical and educated choices with their purchasing power by exclusively offering fair trade beauty products. They are creating a movement in the beauty industry that shines a light on the producers responsible for your favorite beauty products.

“Right before the pandemic, I took a trip to India which transformed my outlook on the consumer industry. Witnessing firsthand how western consumer behavior affects a developing country, I decided I didn’t want to perpetuate this cycle any longer. With 25 years of experience in beauty and the media, I am now using my knowledge as a force for good in an industry I love.

With Beautyologie, I created a beauty marketplace for consumers who want their money to go to businesses that treat people fairly and ethically. I am proud to present and uplift brands with products that truly make a difference, not just on the surface of your skin, but in the world we live in.”

Robin Doyle, Founder & Beautyologist 

They see beauty as a vehicle for social change the same way we at Amazonian SkinFood believe, check our practices here.


Why Fair Trade?

Fair Trade practices put people and the planet first. They help create solutions to the overuse of natural resources, women’s empowerment, refugee livelihoods, human rights, inequality, and sustainable farming. Fair Trade enterprises support organic agriculture, adopt circular economy production processes, generate new social enterprise models, and create new ways to champion the dignity of workers, farmers, artisans, and communities worldwide. 

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All Beautyologie products are ethically sourced, follow fair trade principles and are cruelty-free for both humans and animals. 

Fair Trade Principles

Visit Beautyologie to shop Amazonian Skinfood today and learn positive initiatives that help make this world a beautiful place. Watch Beautyologie TV to see brand owners in action as they produce products with a mission to create change around the world.

Much LOVE & many blessings to all of you on your life's journey.  

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