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Immersion into the Amazonian Rainforest - Brussels

Immersion into the Amazonian Rainforest - Brussels

Amazonia Immersive is a European socio-cultural project whose main objective is to support different initiatives in the Amazon and other environmentally protected areas in Brazil. Through the concepts of solidarity economy, rescue of culture, traditions and valorisation of ancestral knowledge - aligned with environmental preservation and networking. In this sense, the partnerships, the suppliers, the materials used and the entire production chain involved are based on the same principles.

The first edition will be in Brussels on the initiative of the French company Déco Brésil in co-organisation with the Belgian association Espirito Mundo. Its partners are also TALK C.E.C.. - the venue of the event, Betreat, Floresta TV and of course us, Amazonian Skinfood. All are directly involved in projects related to humanistic, cultural and environmental aspects.

There will be three days of activities that will take place in different environments of this privileged space. A former porcelain factory from the 19th century, in the heart of Brussels, classified as a historical heritage site, transformed into a space for art and international culture.

Throughout the days, we will have exhibitions of Brazilian artists, multimedia installations, workshops focusing on natural products, typical cuisine, traditions and also an artistic programme of Brazilian roots. We will also have the honour of receiving the original peoples leader Nui Huni Kuin who will come on a mission directly from the Amazon to Europe.

On the first day we will have international and local guests - personalities linked to various processes - economic, cultural and political - as well as an art programme and a pop up store on site. The focus will be on the institutional presentation of the project, which has as its cause the support of the association Amoreri do Xingu, aiming to equip the production of the community, in addition to all the communities directly and indirectly beneficiaries and the environment where they live and produce the products presented

The second day will be dedicated to experts - from the fields of arts, cosmetics (us!) and gastronomy. Professionals will show how products imported from the forests can be applied in their professions: how to prepare cocktails and dishes with spices that are only found in the Amazon forest? What are these products, what are they for and how can they be used? The aim is to work on accessible distribution and, once again, to generate income and return to the protection of the reserves where the producers are located.

The third day will be a meeting for all those who want to experience culture through workshops, where all people, all genres, all cultures and all generations can participate. Learn to dance, make your own percussion instrument or recognise the scents of the forest with essential oils.

Regional and Brazilian music will be part of the programme, with a dynamic set in the bar area where you can also enjoy cocktails made especially for the event and at the same time visit the exhibitions and multimedia installations and access exclusive products made by artisans of the Amazonian cultures.

On both dates open to the public, we will also have the privilege of attending meetings with leader Nui Huni Kuin on technology and sustainability for those who wish to have the opportunity to participate in a deeper reflection on solutions that directly affect the environment.

We are all delighted with the opportunity to organise the first edition in Brussels, which will be followed by other actions in Europe.

The main objective is always to combine art, culture, the environment and a fair economy with the search for the valorisation of ancestral peoples and traditional communities, through positive and propositive actions.

We will have a pop up with products handmade by the organic people and artisans of the riverside communities of the Xingu (Amazon) available to the public from the opening to the closing of the event in the United workspace (gallery entrance).


BIO Cosmetics, the power of Amazonian super plants

Amazonia as a biome has a vast and large tropical forest, a diverse and greatly desired ecosystem that is important to the world in an environmental, social and economic perspective. We strongly believe that creating a sustainable Rainforest economy based on renewable resources will not only protect its biodiversity, but will reduce poverty and promote the generation of wealth for the people who inhabit it.


Rose, founder of Amazonian Skinfood, will guide a workshop about the full potential of the Amazon Rainforest for the Beauty Industry. Presenting Ingredients, characteristics, and possible skincare formulations of exotic fruits and plants from the Forest.  This unique experience which surely is going to impact the way you will take care of yourself tomorrow.


To take part of the Event in person, registration is limited to 20 people. The entrance fee is 25 euros per adult and will contribute to the common cause of the event: the Amoreri, Xingu association. One amazonian cocktail included.

Places are limited and tickets can be accessed through online booking.

Virtual Immersion into the Amazonian Rainforest

If you can't make to Brussels, you can join online for only 6 Euros, click here. This ticket gives you access from 1-3 April

See you there! xoxo