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Approaching Skincare the Microbiome Friendly Way

Approaching Skincare the Microbiome Friendly Way

Ever since you were a kid, you've been told about how there are millions of creepy microscopic things all over your body. It's a scary thought at first, but it's something we eventually all learned to move to the back of our minds and manage to not think about. Here's the thing though – it's high time to start thinking about them again. You see, the fungi, bacteria, and all of the other billions of microbes that cover your skin make up your microbiome. 

All of these tiny living things are here for a reason. They help to protect the health of your skin and your body as a whole. Our densely packed microbiome covers every last bit of the skin and acts as a shield against all kinds of problems and issues. With one billion microbes per square centimeter, this network of living cells maintains and boosts skin immunity while preventing the growth of harmful pathogens.

Our skin is light years away from being sterile. Though that might be an uncomfortable thought, you really don't want it any other way. A functional microbiome that isn't being disturbed will help the skin barrier to function. In the process, it prevents your skin from drying out, aging prematurely, and breaking out with acne. 

What You Need to Do (and NOT Do) to Protect Your Microbiome

  • Avoid over-exfoliation
  • Beware of bar soaps with antibacterial properties
  • Use topical antibiotics conservatively
  • Use gentle skincare products
  • Incorporate products with probiotic ingredients into your skincare routine

The best way to keep your microbiome in tip-top shape is to care for it gently. Overly harsh scrubs, exfoliating too often, lathering up with strong antibacterial soaps, and using topical antibiotics in excess are all big no-nos. Gentle skincare products, particularly those with probiotic ingredients, is key. Note that this is different from using actual probiotics. Probiotics are living bacteria that would not be able to survive contact with the preservatives that go into skincare products. However, products that contain elements that pre-biotic elements combined with fermented probiotic ingredients help to encourage the growth, survival, and stability of your microbiome. 

Such helpful products are gentle on the microbiome and the skin barrier, providing healthy choices for gently keeping skin clean, moist, and protected from sun damage. Eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, and facial/forehead/chest skin bumps are just a few of the undesirables that microbiome friendly skincare can help to ward off. Think of them as skincare products that go the extra mile to not get in the way of the organisms that make up your microbiome. They allow your skin to stay clean and moist while still allowing these vital microorganisms to do their job uninterrupted. 

As important as microbiome friendly skincare is, the truth is that we're just scratching the surface as to what it can do. Research is going on each and every day to find formulations and products that can boost microbiome health and consequently, the health and appearance of the skin. It's important to stay educated and in the loop about these things, as knowledge is power. At Amazonian Skinfood, we pay close attention to these trends and seek to provide you with the best and most up-to-date information to keep you in-the-know. We also go to great lengths to translate what we learn into providing the best microbiome friendly skincare products. They're great for treating oily skin, dry skin, and any and all skin types in between. 

We know Thanksgiving has already come and gone. Still, we suggest taking a moment to reflect on your microbiome. Be thankful for all of those tiny little creatures that work hard to protect your beautiful skin each and every day!

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