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Getting the perfect Clean Formula

Getting the perfect Clean Formula

Perfecting the product formulation has been an exercise in patience, but well worth it. We had a long list of requirements to be accomplished before bringing our products to market: it had to be safe enough to be used by a pregnant woman, environmentally friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, use no artificial fragrances, and had to use safe food grade preservatives. And most importantly, the product had to be highly effective.

Rose’s Correa sensitivities to toxic and ineffective skin products led her to put her two years of studying chemistry, her Masters’ Degree in Business, and ancestral background in herbalism to use. To fully research and develop natural formulas we partnered with expert scientists in the field of safer ingredients and natural solutions. 

After almost 2 year since its conception, Amazonian SkinFood ™ skincare line is nothing short of amazing, creating luxurious products with high-quality ingredients for smooth and glowy skin that are as good for you on the inside as they feel on the outside.

"We tirelessly sought out the safest, most effective solutions that exist. We selected preservatives that allow us to use the tiniest amounts possible, and we never use cheaper preservatives such as formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol or parabens."

"We use preservatives obtained from renewable plant resources, naturally derived options, food-graded, and thoughtfully chosen organic compounds."

Smarter, safer choices start with employing the best Ph.D.’s and expert scientists in the field of safer ingredients and natural solutions. It is sustained by rigorous testing and investigation of plant-derived alternatives, safety track record, and ingredient analysis. 

Through safe, effective formulas that protect the environment and revive your skin. We proudly offer safe products - non-carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals, non-toxic for the environment, transparent product labels, prioritizing ingredients that are ethically sourced and benefits communities - not corporations and big farms.