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What clean beauty means to Amazonian SkinFood?

simple + safe + good for your skin and good for the earth.

Take the confusion out of Clean Beauty
A green parrot in a Mauitia flexuosa palm tree with Buriti fruit all around it.

The beauty industry is full of harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients that can cause different health problems.

Clean beauty to us means that a product is 100% safe (non-carcinogens or endocrine-disrupting chemicals), non-toxic for the environment, has sustainable packaging, prioritizes ethically sourced ingredients, and benefits communities. Our goal is to avoid corporations and big farms, animal testing, and always have transparent product labels & ingredient lists.

We opt for natural formulas that aren’t based on synthetic ingredients, essential oil blends, or fragrances but instead formulated with cold-pressed organic oils and butters from the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet. Our ingredients also include food-graded and plant-derived preservatives along with thoughtfully chosen organic compounds.

Our philosophy is simple: naturally safe ingredients are THE priority. Our choice ingredient selection criteria are not based on cost. We know the best derived, and plant-derived ingredients may cost a little more; however, we take pride in investing in what matters most.

We believe in naturally radiant skin.


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