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Our dream is to create our own conscious living community

Our dream is to create our own conscious living community

Over the last few years we have been traveling and learning about new ways of living. We have been focused on learning more about off-grid communities, eco-villages, gardening, permaculture, plant medicine, creative/resource based economies and other thoughtful and sustainable ways of living more in harmony with nature and with ourselves

From the beginning we wanted to create a business with purpose and big dreams. First, we want help build a sustainable Rainforest economy based on renewable resources that will protect the biodiversity of the forest, reduce poverty and promote the generation of wealth for the people living there. We then want to use the profits generated from Amazonian SkinFood to build a sustainable, eco-friendly and self-reliant living community in Brazil or Costa Rica.

This community we dream of will thrive on forms of energy that do not harm the planet, methods of farming that keep food local and healthy, a place for travelers, families and the local community to share and gain knowledge and live in harmony with the land.  

It will be based on regenerative architecture and agriculture like Geoship's Bioceramic dome homes and Earthships Biotecture in Taos New Mexico, syntropic farming and permaculture design principles, that all work with nature instead of against it. 

We are a proud, early investor and Geoship. We can't wait to see nature come together with architecture to radically transform the housing industry and create sustainable and affordable housing for all.

Geoship's Biocermic Dome Homes

Earthships for example believe there are six human needs which can be addressed through environmentally sustainable building design:

  1. Energy: Thermal and/or solar heating and cooling, solar and wind electricity
  2. Garbage management: Reuse and recycling built into construction and daily living
  3. Sewage treatment: Self-contained sewage treatment and water recycling
  4. Shelter: Building with natural and recycled materials
  5. Clean Water: Water harvesting and long term storage
  6. Food: In-home organic food production capability

Cooperation, connection, community and creativity

We believe that we have a rare opportunity to reshape society and create a new world. One that ends the cycle of human suffering for good and allows a space where everyone’s voices are given weight and consideration. Together, through cooperation, connection, community, and creativity,  we can transform the world as we know it. 

We want to create a world that shifts from a scarcity environment to a world of abundance. We want to create an environment where all the basic needs are met and people have access to a safe environment to learn, create, gather and grow.

This space, will be not only cost effective, but sustainably built and aim to reconnect families & communities with Nature, so we can all live in the same harmonious frequency from which the world is all connected. 

World of abundance

Our vision is to reconnect ourselves with the natural world. We want to go back to our roots by efficiently using the land to grow food, using the sun and wind to produce energy, and use regenerative resources to build a community, a space for sharing knowledge and learning.

We are all cosmic travelers, and this brief passage on Earth is a call to channel technology and experience into the regeneration of our People and Planet.

Thank you for being with us on this journey, and may our way of living begin to align with the way of nature again, with one intentional step at a time.