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We need your help! Donate to the Keneya School

We need your help to build the second phase of the Keneya School

 🙏🏾With the donation of dozens of people and organizations, in 2022 an important step was taken for the development of the Ni Yuxibu village community and for the strengthening of the Huni Kuin legacy for humanity: The first stage of the implementation of the Keneya School was completed. Donate h...
What's Sustainable Skincare means in 2022?

What's Sustainable Skincare means in 2022?

When it comes to personal care products, many are unaware of the synthetic chemicals we’re putting on our skin. The ugly truth is that not all ingredients are safe. Some are slowly poisoning our bodies, speeding up the aging process and causing more harm than good to our health and the environmen...
How to Transition your skincare from Summer to Fall.

How to Transition your skincare from Summer to Fall.

The intense heat of summer makes our skin hot, sweaty, and sticky. For some of us, the scorching temperatures mean increased oiliness leading to congested pores and acne, pigmentation issues, and other warm-weather skin conditions.   To meet the demands of our skin during summertime, we had to u...
Indigenous Man collecting Brazil Nut in the Amazon Rainforest

Origens Brasil® network

We are reaching a major paradigm shift in society with a collective awakening that calls to get rid of old models and open space for a better world to come. A more balanced world where who makes profits are not only the ones at the top of sky-scrapers. By shifting the economy from the rampant ext...